| Frequently Asked Questions

| What platforms are Jobigames available on?

Our apps are available on both iOS and Android smartphone platforms.

| How do I get started on the website?

Once sign up and account has been verified, you will need to activate the real money (RM) option by clicking on settings, slide down to find the RM button and turn on to enable the deposit and withdrawal options. Once done, click on the profile tab to reveal the deposit option which will allow you fund your account to play, and also withdraw your winnings. What next after funding my account? You will need to download the mobile app to your smartphone by searching for the app that interests you on the apple or android platforms. And log on to the app with your details to play our games.

| What games are available?

Click on the Games tab to find available updated games
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| Is persistent online connection required to play Jobigames?

Yes. You will need a persistent network connection to enjoy our games, it is pertinent.

| Do I need to pay to play Jobigames?

No payment of any kind is required to play, what you stake is what you play with. However, Jobigames will charge 30% commission on your winnings.

| What is the rating for Jobigames?

Jobigames apps are rated 18 and above ESRB.