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Procedures, terms and conditions, availability, and duration for deposits/withdrawals may vary depending on Financial Institution in question. Up to date information is available when logged in on the Site in the support section.


Waiting time Minimum amount Maximum amount Fee E-wallets
Direct bank e-Payments
Paystack 3-4 hours N1000 No limit N100

Banking, Standard
Nigeria, (IBAN) 1-5 Bank days N1000 No limit No fee

Credit or debit cards
VISA, VISA Electronic Immediate N1000 No limit N 100
Mastercard Immediate[2] N1000 No limit N 100


Waiting time starts after approval of withdrawal
Waiting time Minimum amount Maximum amount Fee
Direct bank e-Payments
Paystack 3-4 hours N1000 N1,000,000 N100 fee

Banking, Standard
Nigeria,(IBAN) 1-2 Bank days[3] N1000 N1,000,000 N100 fee


We use many methods at Jobi Express Games for deposits and withdrawals. The real fun comes when actual money is wagered in an online game, even though you may enjoy playing for free. The deposits are very enticing because they increase the value of your money as soon as you make a deposit. At Jobi Express Games we offer attractive deposit bonuses to our registered members, these change all the time depending on the promotion we are running at a given time. This deposit bonus is in addition to the registration bonus and adds to your coffers while playing online games. The withdrawal process is also simple at Jobi Express Games. You just need to make an online request to withdraw funds, and these funds are transferred to your bank account within a few minutes or business days. It is that easy!


At rJobi Express Games, we have many ways to make deposits and withdrawals. The main way of making deposits are via online wallets, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards and of course the wire transfer through banks. All these methods of making deposits have their pros and cons. The e-wallet method of making deposits is very popular with online gamers because they are not affected by local jurisdictions. Another reason behind the popularity is the fast processing and low fees the e-wallet services charge for players. E-wallets that are popular with Jobi Express Games users are Paystack, whose minimum deposit is N1000 and No limits, with 1.5 fee charged to you. Your wait time to deposit funds using this method is almost instantaneous with but can be up to 1-2 minutes wait time. However, the setting up of an e-wallet account can take a little bit of time to complete the security checks, which is always for your protection, but if you have an active account, it is the best way to make deposits and withdrawals.

The next popular and traditional method of making deposits to your Virtual account is using bank cards. The card may be a debit card (directly linked to the bank account), a credit card (which gives you a credit period to pay back the money) or a prepaid card (the money for the card has already been paid). The withdrawals though cannot be made by prepaid cards. Deposits and Withdrawals of money can be done without limits using cards, and the fees are much less than any other deposit or withdrawal system. Visa cards are the most popular among cards. For security reasons, however, we need to verify your identity before we can debit the card. The procedure takes only a few minutes and provides added protection for you in the long run. Without confirmation of your identity, we will not be able to proceed with this card. The VISA Electron card is becoming a very attractive option because you can use it the same way as a VISA credit card however you are using your money, and the card will not normally let you overdraw, meaning you are only spending money which you have and not getting yourself into debt. Another method of making deposits or withdrawals is through wire transfers.


Deposits and Withdrawals section of the Jobi Express Games website has many options to make deposits. Most of our players use online banking and wire transfers, to fund their online casino account. It is done in a similar way to online banking; it is used to make online purchases by using payment gateways on e-commerce websites. This is the quickest method of payment, and you can start playing our online games as soon as you make the deposit. Another option on the website is using the credit or debit cards. This is also a popular method of payment by online gamers. The method is very easy. Just provide you card number, expiration date, and CVV number, and you are ready to go. Another very popular method for making deposits in the deposits and withdrawals section of the website is using e-wallets. The advantage of using this approach is that the money is received instantly by us, meaning you can use it immediately. Another payment method of making deposits is by using cash transfer services.


There are more deposit methods than withdrawal methods available in the deposits and withdrawals section of our website. Withdrawing directly to a bank account is one of the methods of withdrawal. You just have to indicate the amount in the online withdrawal form, and it is done in several batches during the day. This method takes up to 5 working days to process, but in most cases, the money is in the bank account within 48 hours. Please remember that there is 20% commission fee on winnings, and your bank may charge you a fee on top of that.. Another benefit of this method is that the money is received the same day it is processed and can be used instantly.


  • Reverse time - The time elapsed between the player requesting a withdrawal and the company actually doing it e-wallet - An online place where you can keep money just like in a wallet. This can be used to pay online and make deposits in your gaming account
  • Minimum Withdrawal limit - The least amount of withdrawal that you can make from your gaming account

    Jobi Express Games has spent a lot of time in designing its Deposits and Withdrawals section to make it user-friendly. This section specifies the deposit and withdrawals time along with the options for deposits as well as withdrawal. The deposit and withdrawal forms are made simple and require minimum entries. Our website also uses cookies to have all your information ready, and you will not need to type in all the information every time, except the password of course. The portal makes online gaming both easy and smooth with our excellent software which allows you to play all the games on the go.